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  • Randi Pinno and the staff at Lexington Park were superb. Jacobs Audiology are in a class by themselves. No sales pressure at all, very comprehensive with the degree of my hearing loss is and what my options are.
    Highly recommend that anyone needing hearing assessment, these are the ones to sea.

    Craig Webb Avatar
    Craig Webb
  • Jacobs Audiology is amazing! Have been using Marcy Jacobs since around 2000 when she was with Dr Marinelli (who was also an awesome ENT) Years later, after using two other ENT's in the southern Maryland area and their "audiologist"and having no results. One doc ordered MRI, never got results, as when i came back to get them, the office staff insisted i was a new patient and had no records?? The doc never sought to get the report from radiologist, which if she had, may have caught my condition much earlier. Out of frustration, I remembered how informative Marcy was and wondered where she had gone after Dr. M passed. She now has her own company in Bowie and California, MD. Her associate, Randi is in the California office and she is AWESOME! Randi is the one, after no help from docs down here, who was suspicious of my continues failing hearing and encouraged to hook up with a neurotologist. I also found another amazing ENT who comes out of DC to Waldorf, who confirmed Randi's suspicions! I had ear surgery in December on my right ear, thanks to the knowledge of a good Audiologist! Jacob's audiology is very professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful and encouraging! So thankful for their knowledge on the latest procedures, technology and willingness to help you find the best for you!

    jan degruy Avatar
    jan degruy
  • I simply can not say enough amazing things about Marcie and all of the staff at Jacobs Audiology. Since I have been a patient of Marcie's she has treated me as nothing short of family. Always there for a last minute call, always genuinely concerned with any issues I had with my hearing aid, always willing to spend any extra time needed to walk me through each and every purchase and visit. It has been an absolute pleasure working with them and I can gaurantee you will recieve a level of care that will excees your expectations. Thank you guys for taking such good care of me and being so passionate about your work!!!

    Elizabeth Kabana Avatar
    Elizabeth Kabana
  • I have been coming to Jacobs Audiology for 25 years and I have always had excellent service, my hearing needs are met and they always exhibit professionalism! They are thorough and friendly, every experience is a good one.

    Robin Lasky Avatar
    Robin Lasky
  • Jacobs audiology is a superb practice. The professionalism and patient care is the best I have seen in ANY medical practice. These folks really develop a relationship with you, understand your needs and provide results. I have a set of hearing aids that allows me to hear conversations in restaurants (and if you have hearing loss, you'll understand exactly what I mean), listen to music (heard parts in Sgt. Pepper that I had no idea existed), and even stream my iPhone into them. You just can't go wrong here. They work with you, they tailor the devices to you needs, and can even upgrade and adjust them remotely. If you need hearing aids, go here first. Make your life better. Fast.

    Joe Toher Avatar
    Joe Toher
  • I've been a patient of Jacobs Audiology for a number of years and expect to continue for many more. Luck was with me on the day I chose to leave my previous ear doctor, because my new ear doctor was supported at the time by Marcie Jacobs as the in-house Audiologist. I've had many audiologists since I was a child. I'm over 50 now, so I've worked with quite a few. By far, Marcie is my favorite. She is caring, pleasant, and highly knowledgeable about many different brands of aids. I never feel I'm being rushed in my appointments. She helped me find an aid that overcame issues I had for many years that other audiologists before couldn't. Before I met and began working with Marcie, I had always used whichever audiologist my ear doctor had in-house. When Marcie took the plunge to move into a private office there was no hesitation on my part on who I would use. I continue going to her for my Audiology needs. I highly recommend her services.

    Scott MacDonald Avatar
    Scott MacDonald