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  • I don't know what I'd do without Marcie. I have an unusual hearing curve that has required many, many visits to fine tune my aids & to maximize my comfort level. Marcie has enthusiastically risen to the challenge and gone many extra miles to research & develop programs that fit my unique needs. Marcie genuinely cares for each client & over the 20+ years that I have been with her she has never failed to spend the time needed to give me the best hearing assistance available. I can not say enough about Marcie both as a person and as a professional. Highly recommended.

    Joan Rose Avatar
    Joan Rose
  • I've been a patient for six years, and must say without a doubt that Marcie Jacob's is not only a superb audiologist, she is one of the most genuine people I know.
    She's not just about business, she wants to know her patients as well.
    Her office was closed the particular day I stopped by, but she saw me anyway. Gave me a comprehensive hearing test and sat with me for quite a while catching up.
    What a great lady! If this was a ten star review, she'd score a ten.

    You're the best Marcie
    Larry C.
    Bowie Md

    Larry Christian Avatar
    Larry Christian
  • First I would like to say that I have been wearing hearing aids for the last twenty five years and in those years I have experienced all types of hearing aids and unfortunately in most cases they have underperformed. Last spring I took it upon myself to find hearing aids that would increase my ability to hear and I thought if I could do it without going to an audiologist all the better. You see I didn't want to spend a tremendous amount of money this time around. I found a company on the internet where all you had to do was answer some questions , call their office pay a much smaller price and they sent you the hearing aids. It was a quality company with very thoughtful audiologists all over the country to answer any questions you might have in regards to their product as well as an app to help you understand how they work, but after many months I realized I had made an awful mistake. The hearing aids I purchased were no where close to what I needed. They were not strong enough to make a difference. I also came to realize that I needed to meet a professional audiologist in person so that I could get the best possible results.

    Luckily I had a good friend who recommended Dr. Marcie Jacobs to me. The experience with Dr. Jacobs was tremendous on the first day that I met her. Yes, I was skeptical at first but the more time I spent with her the more comfortable and confident she made me feel that I was on the right road to hearing well. She tested my hearing , gave me all the choices in hearing aids and let me decide in what way i wanted to proceed. I selected the hearing aids and the continuing service that Dr. Jacobs has given me is incredible. One example, when the hearing aids came in, I could hear again at a level that I haven't experience in a long time but Dr. Jacobs looked at me and didn't like the way they were resting on my ears so she ordered new molds and the fit is so much better.
    in closing if you are in the market for hearing aids and you are concerned as to who you can trust. I 100% recommend that you go see Dr. Jacobs , a person who really goes the extra mile for her patients.
    Thank you so much for making my hearing world so much better!

    Edward Prystowsky Avatar
    Edward Prystowsky
  • I can't say enough positive things about my experience with Marcie and Jacob's Audiology. I have had a hearing loss for several years and had put off getting tested. The entire process at Jacob's was positive. Marcie is so friendly and understating. She takes her time to explain everything, not only with the testing but also about options if you need hearing aids. I did need hearing aids (no surprise) and Marcie was great at explaining the options with absolutely no pressure. One of the things I like best is she is an independent audiologist, she does not work for a hearing aid company, so I feel like she has no conflict of interest and will really recommend what is best for each individual. I have had my hearing aids for about two months now and she has been great with follow-up. It is to the point that I often forget I have my hearing aids in (not always a good thing) and they have made a huge difference for me. If you suspect a hearing loss, don't put it off and make an appointment with Jacob's Audiology.

    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User
  • everything, I can't say enough good things. Marcie is wonderful.

    Larry Christian Avatar
    Larry Christian
  • Jacobs audiology is an awesome practice. Highly profession, friendly, and the patient care is the best. They provided the best service and care from the start. This type of personalized care is what you need when looking into getting hearing aids, especially for the first time. I can't express how much this has changed my my every day interactions. Grateful!

    Joe Johnson Avatar
    Joe Johnson