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  • I can't say enough positive things about my experience with Marcie and Jacob's Audiology. I have had a hearing loss for several years and had put off getting tested. The entire process at Jacob's was positive. Marcie is so friendly and understating. She takes her time to explain everything, not only with the testing but also about options if you need hearing aids. I did need hearing aids (no surprise) and Marcie was great at explaining the options with absolutely no pressure. One of the things I like best is she is an independent audiologist, she does not work for a hearing aid company, so I feel like she has no conflict of interest and will really recommend what is best for each individual. I have had my hearing aids for about two months now and she has been great with follow-up. It is to the point that I often forget I have my hearing aids in (not always a good thing) and they have made a huge difference for me. If you suspect a hearing loss, don't put it off and make an appointment with Jacob's Audiology.

    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User
  • Audiologists are extremely personal and focused on patient centered care. I have recommended this practice to many because I know they will receive wonderful care.

    Tricia Scabis Avatar
    Tricia Scabis
  • I simply can not say enough amazing things about Marcie and all of the staff at Jacobs Audiology. Since I have been a patient of Marcie's she has treated me as nothing short of family. Always there for a last minute call, always genuinely concerned with any issues I had with my hearing aid, always willing to spend any extra time needed to walk me through each and every purchase and visit. It has been an absolute pleasure working with them and I can gaurantee you will recieve a level of care that will excees your expectations. Thank you guys for taking such good care of me and being so passionate about your work!!!

    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User
  • I highly recommend Jacobs Audiology! I have a sensorineural severe to profound hearing loss in both ears as well as tinnitus. I made the switch during the COVID crisis when I couldn't get in at my previous audiologist and I think this was a great move for me in the long run! They were able to help me out quickly and gave me great peace of mind about the issues that I was having.

    After my first appointment with them, I decided to go ahead and replace my hearing aids for a more upgraded pair. For my level of hearing loss, choosing the right pair of hearing aids is crucial and a very important purchase for me. Randi really took the time to make sure the ones I selected were working well for me as far as hearing well in a variety of situations and also managing my tinnitus. I did not feel rushed and felt all my questions and concerns were answered.

    Randi and Marcie are both very knowledgeable, caring and helpful professionals and I would recommend them to anyone needing hearing services.

    Megan Solomon Avatar
    Megan Solomon
  • Marcie is personable, helpful, generous. Quickly responds to phone messages and emails. I love the new location and highly recommend this practice.

    Andrea Belanus Brassard Avatar
    Andrea Belanus Brassard
  • I have been a patient for two years. This is an appointment that I look forward to going. I know that Randi will work with me and help me be apart of the conversation again.

    Sherry Ripple Avatar
    Sherry Ripple