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Hearing assessment with Marcie

Providing You With Relief From Tinnitus

Tinnitus is the name for the noises you can hear in your ears that others cannot.

It can be buzzing, ticking, hissing, or any type of sound. If you’ve ever experienced a ringing in your ears after going to a concert, then it’s actually very similar to tinnitus!

According to National Center for Health Statistics studies, it is estimated to affect 32% of the US population – that’s a third of all Americans.

While most people understand tinnitus as a condition that never goes away, it can be either an acute (temporary) condition or a chronic (ongoing) health condition.

If you’re someone who is unfortunate enough to endure the ringing in your ears, then you’ll be aware of how much it can drive you up the wall.

Lack of sleep, restlessness, anxiety, and stress are all common side effects of the condition.

The more stressed an individual gets, the worse their tinnitus will be, making it a hard cycle to break and one that can cause someone to feel incredibly frustrated – especially as doctors claim there is “no cure.”

At Jacobs Audiology, we understand your frustrations too well. With many of our doctors suffering from tinnitus themselves, we understand your daily struggles first hand.

Using a combination of methods, we have carefully identified some of the most effective treatments which aim to reduce its severity and allow you to live an uninterrupted life.

If you or a loved one is experiencing tinnitus, please get in touch so we can help provide you with some relief.

Dr. Pinno with a patient during a tinnitus evaluation at Jacobs Audiology in South Maryland

Just go see Marcie, and whatever your budget, she’ll find the right hearing aid for you, Also, don’t wait as long as I did. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes going to a professional who knows how to analyze exactly what your hearing loss needs.


It’s clear that Randi had nothing else to pay attention to except me. There’s not a line of people waiting outside, I could go straight in.

There’s only one thing she’s focused on, my hearing.


How Does it Work?

Visiting a hearing healthcare clinic for the first time can be scary, so it’s only natural to have some curiosity over what your appointment entails.

However, there’s really nothing to worry about at all.

#1 – Schedule A Tinnitus Assessment

If your tinnitus is starting to affect your day-to-day life, then the first step is to schedule an assessment with one of our experts. Once you have completed the form on this page, a member of our team will shortly be in touch.

#2 – Friendly Chat With Your Audiologist

As tinnitus ranges largely from person to person, we like to start your appointment with a friendly chat about your tinnitus, touching on your lifestyle, family history, and perhaps hearing concerns. From there, we will follow up with a tinnitus questionnaire which allows our experts to examine how your tinnitus affects you in your everyday life.

You will have the opportunity to discuss how tinnitus is affecting you personally.

#3 – Tinnitus Examination

To confirm the results, a hearing and tinnitus examination will be performed. This helps us to determine the pitch and loudness of your tinnitus, allowing us to identify the correct strategies to help you manage your tinnitus.

#4 – Ongoing Help And Support

You will be supported throughout your journey with follow-up appointments and check-ups, ensuring you can raise any concerns whenever possible. We see you as partners for life, not just another customer through the door, so it’s important for us to have regular contact throughout.


Schedule Your Tinnitus Assessment

Tinnitus is a daily problem for millions of people, disrupting their lifestyle and causing severe stress.

While there is no apparent “cure,” when combining tinnitus management with the expertise of a medical professional, tinnitus symptoms can be managed over time.

Simply complete the form on this page and a member of our team will contact you shortly to confirm your appointment.

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