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Hearing aid repairs

Offering Prescription Hearing Aid Repairs for Most Manufacturers and Models to People in Bowie and Southern Maryland

It’s never a good experience when something goes wrong with your prescription hearing aids. These amazing pieces of technology can change your life, but they can’t be fixed with a hammer and nails!

Equipped with years of experience, you can trust the experts at Jacobs Audiology to have your back when something goes wrong with your devices.

If you have a problem that might not require a visit to one of our clinics, our team can offer you one-to-one advice via the Remote Audiological Support service.

For those that require advanced assistance, our in-office team can rapidly diagnose issues and often make the repairs that you need to solve your issue on-site.

If you have a very significant issue with your hearing aids, we can also get in touch with your manufacturer and find a great resolution.

If you require any help or have any questions, then either call one of the offices or complete the form on this page.

The Repair Service

It’s essential that anyone who has a problem with their prescrption hearing aids gets the correct form of support rapidly.

At Jacobs Audiology, our specialists have the skills and experience to repair these very sophisticated types of equipment.

Should you need a hands-on service, we can diagnose a range of issues and ensure that you get a fast solution to your problem.

In addition, if we decide that your devices require an extensive overhaul, we can contact your manufacturer, so you always get the best quality of assistance.

The instruments will be sent either via Federal Express or DHL so that you get them back as soon as possible.

The Loaner Service

One extra benefit of allowing our experts to repair your prescription hearing aids is that Jacobs Audiology can provide you with a loaner set of devices while you wait.

We stock a variety of loaner prescription hearing aids!

While our team will work hard to ensure you get your devices back as soon as possible, this will mean you won’t have to miss out on important sounds during this period.

Ensuring as little inconvenience to you as possible.



"Very Pleased With The Service"

by a satisfied repairs customer

Marcie is personable, helpful, generous. Quickly responds to phone messages and emails. I love the new location and highly recommend this practice.

Andrea B

Mom’s hearing aid has been a very hard fit because she has an unusually shaped ear canal on both sides, and Marcie has been extremely willing to order new ear molds and work with Mom to get the fit just perfect. She’s highly recommended by me!

Floyd W

Jacobs audiology is a superb practice. The professionalism and patient care is the best I have seen in ANY medical practice. These folks really develop a relationship with you, understand your needs and provide results. 

Joe T


Schedule a Repair

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With trained experts on-site, we can give you the right support to solve your issues in a fast and effective manner.

Simply complete the form on this page, and we’ll call you shortly.

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The Home Repair Service

These days, it’s crucial that you can get support straight to your home if you need it!

That’s why if you have a concern about your hearing aids or they’re not quite working as you’d expect, you can call our home support service.

Our team will be happy to discuss your problem with you and may even be able to solve it quickly with some expert support suggestions or we can arrange a video call to assist you virtually.

Many issues can be fixed easily at home, please check out the videos on this page for maintenance tips and solutions to many common hearing aid problems.