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marcie jacobs discussing earwax removal with a patient

Professional Earwax Removal for Healthier Ears

Were you aware that earwax helps keep your ears healthy by providing moisture, removing dirt, debris, or foreign objects from your ear canal and protecting you against infections from bacteria and fungi?

Although it can be a hassle to deal with sometimes, maintaining a delicate balance when it comes to dealing with earwax is a critical part of keeping your ears healthy. While too much can lead to stuffiness, muffled sound, aching, and disrupt hearing aid performance, not having enough earwax might cause itching, irritation, and infection in your ear canal.

Rather than risking the possibility of doing damage to your ear canal and eardrum or making matters worse by trying to remove it yourself, our earwax removal specialists in our Bowie and Southern Maryland clinic use Earigator technology, which is the safest, most effective, and most comfortable option for dealing with built-up and/or impacted earwax.

Patient Undergoing A Comprehensive Hearing Assessment at Jacobs Audiology

When Was The Last Time That You Had Your Hearing Tested?

Although we all regularly have our teeth checked, our cholesterol tested, and a yearly physical, hardly any of us regularly check our hearing.

Yet with approximately 30 million Americans over the age of 12 having some form of hearing loss in both ears, it’s highly encouraged to have your hearing tested.

If you are concerned about your hearing or you are concerned about a loved one’s hearing, then the first step is to have a comprehensive hearing test.

It’s quick, it’s non-invasive, and, in most cases, your insurance pays for your hearing test.

hearing aids on top of a music sheet

How Prescription Hearing Technology Has Progressed

Many of us have a stigma towards prescription hearing aids as we remember the large clunky devices from yesteryear. However, the latest hearing technology has rapidly changed with many of the devices being extremely small, discreet, and, in some cases, invisible.

In fact, many patients tell us that their friends, family, and colleagues had not even noticed them.

Best of all, new technology no longer just amplifies your hearing, but it also amplifies your life with advanced connectivity to your smartphone, tablet, and television to make streaming music, sound, and phone calls seamless.


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Meet Your Audiologist

Jacobs Audiology is a trusted leader in our region because we have assembled an outstand team
to serve the needs of our patients. Take a moment to get to know your audiologist
Marcie Jacobs, M.S., F-MAA of Jacobs Audiology

Marcie Jacobs, M.S., F-MAA

Clinical Audiologist/Owner

Marcie Jacobs has extensive experience in the field of Audiology. She became an audiologist over 25 years ago and has practiced in Southern Maryland and Prince Georges County. Jacobs Audiology was founded in 2011 with the philosophy of providing superior hearing healthcare for their patients. Her unique combination of empathy and energy result in excellent patient care. Marcie Jacobs obtained her master of science degree in audiology from the University of Maryland in 1991.

She is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and a member of the Maryland Academy of Audiology. She is licensed by the Maryland State Board of Examiners in Audiology. Marcie attends numerous continuing education courses throughout the year to stay current on the latest hearing aid technology and hearing healthcare. She lives with her husband and has 2 daughters. Outside of audiology, she enjoys spending time with her family and taking long hikes with her dog, Kody.