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If you’re a hearing aid wearer, you’ll know how they can enhance your life – from helping you talk with friends to reducing background sounds in busy environments.

Just ask Clement, who first got a hearing assessment at Jacobs Audiology five years ago. He couldn’t believe how it felt to finally hear birdsong again, following his fitting with Marcie.

“I’d really missed those sounds, and they were all given back to me in an instant,” he remembers.

The pandemic has thrown up some new challenges, however – with many people wanting some extra technology to help them around the house.

In these new circumstances, TV streamers have become the ultimate accessory.

What is a TV Streamer?

It’s not always easy to watch the newest blockbuster with loved ones when you have a hearing loss. Disagreements about volume levels are common, making the experience less appealing.

But there’s a great piece of technology that can offer a solution – a TV streamer!

TV streamers connect to the back of your home system and wirelessly transmit the audio output to your hearing aids.

You can then decide how much you hear via an app, while your loved ones listen at the level that they want through the main speakers.

All the major manufacturers – from NuEar to ReSound – offer their own TV streamers.

If you want to make more of family time, give us a call or write to us on our website. We’d be delighted to let you know what’s available!

Updates from the Office

The whole Jacobs Audiology team had a fantastic time during Hearing Health Awareness Month, and we hope you did, too.

It was great to spread our message about the benefits of early testing in the community and see new faces come forward to discuss their concerns.

You’ll find some of the extra material we prepared for the month-long event on our website.

This includes the backstory to why many people wait years before seeking attention for a hearing loss and what happens during an initial assessment.

Everyone wants to keep spreading awareness in the months to come.

So if you know someone who is showing signs of a hearing loss, get them to check-in at Jacobs Audiology.

The team is ready to help!

Likewise, If you have an upcoming appointment with us at Jacobs Audiology, please take some time to check out our safety protocols before you arrive.

You are in safe hands.

Why Hearing Treatments Can Prevent Dementia

At a recent conference, a panel of leading health experts outlined 12 dementia risk factors and suggested cases in America could reduce by forty percent if the public addressed them.

Among these recommendations, they asked people to protect their hearing in high-stress environments and treat conditions with hearing aids.

This dementia prevention technique is found in other studies, which demonstrate how hearing loss can lead to cognitive decline as it stops our brains from processing complex information.

Side effects, such as when someone draws away from social engagements, can also contribute to this problem.

So if you know someone who has concerns about a hearing loss, let us know at Jacobs Audiology. The team can diagnose an issue in its earliest possible stages.

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Marcie Jacobs, M.A., F-AAA

Marcie Jacobs, M.A., F-AAA

Marcie Jacobs has extensive experience in the field of Audiology. She became an audiologist over 25 years ago and has practiced in Southern Maryland and Prince Georges County. Jacobs Audiology was founded in 2011 with the philosophy of providing superior hearing health care for their patients. Her unique combination of empathy and energy result in excellent patient care. Marcie Jacobs obtained her Master of Science degree in Audiology from the University of Maryland in 1991.