I think these new hearing aids are an excellent improvement to existing rechargeable, in-the-ear hearing devices

Customs by ReSound – What Does Jacobs Audiology Think?

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Hearing Aids, Industry News, Patient Resources

Jacobs Audiology has always stayed at the forefront of hearing treatment, and we are excited about this latest development in hearing innovation from GN Hearing.

GN has created a new model of rechargeable, prescription hearing aid called Custom made by ReSound. This hearing aid is designed to be more innovative and user-friendly than past models. The global rollout began on June 29, 2022, so it’s very new.

GN’s Custom earbuds are already popular with people who have a hearing loss, as they are very comfortable to wear.

These hearing aids are different than ReSound’s other models because they have several new features, which include: a larger push button, better speech understanding in loud environments, directional microphones with All-Access Directionality, and a customized shape that is made possible thanks to 3D printing.

What Does Jacobs Audiology Think of Custom Made by ReSound Hearing Aids?

I think these new hearing aids are an excellent improvement to existing rechargeable, in-the-ear hearing devices, and they could be a good fit for you if they match your list of needs.

However, they won’t be a good match if you have any signs of other hearing challenges that need to be treated first, such as ear drainage, sudden or fast-progressing hearing loss, balance issues, earwax buildup, or pain in your ears.

They won’t work well for people with any kind of congenital or traumatic deformity of the ear either, as they won’t fit properly.

Think the Custom made by ReSound could work for you? Get an expert opinion.

Once any medical issues are taken care of, though, you might consider Custom hearing aids for the following reasons:

  • You can wear them all day without them feeling uncomfortable.
  • One charge lasts for 24 hours.
  • The earbuds are 3D printed according to the exact measurements of your ear canal. This means that ReSound can ensure that the microphones in the hearing aid are properly directed.
  • Even the charger is 3D printed to match the custom shape of your earbuds to make certain that your hearing aids fit properly in it while charging.
  • They are compatible with all the newer Apple and Android apps, and you can stream to your hearing aids with Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • Particularly welcome for caregivers is the news that these earbuds are easy to maneuver for people with low manual dexterity, and they only require one push on the button, which is bigger than it is on other hearing aids.
  • They are nano coated, which means they are easier to clean, and they are also sweat proof and water resistant.
  • The sound quality has improved by 30% in relation to reducing background noise and focusing more sharply on speech. You can choose from five different types of background noise to manage it, depending on the sound environment you are in.
  • Because they are earbuds, you don’t have to worry about the strings of your mask pulling your hearing aids off.
  • Children from the age of 12 years up can wear these because hearing professionals fit them. This is great news for teenagers who might be embarrassed to be seen wearing a prescription hearing aid.
  • Your local hearing clinic will provide ongoing support with these devices.

Are ReSound’s Custom Hearing Aids a Good Fit for You?

I think these hearing aids are very helpful for people who might have avoided wearing anything in the past due to their appearance of being an obvious medical device. Wearing these stylish hearing aids can also help patients transition to other styles of prescription hearing aids if their hearing loss progresses.

Jacobs Audiology is always happy to give our professional opinion about any type of hearing treatment. Book an appointment with us at our Lexington Park or Bowie location so you can take your time getting answers about different forms of hearing treatment that might work for you.

We’re here to help.

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Marcie Jacobs, M.A., F-AAA

Marcie Jacobs has extensive experience in the field of Audiology. She became an audiologist over 25 years ago and has practiced in Southern Maryland and Prince Georges County. Jacobs Audiology was founded in 2011 with the philosophy of providing superior hearing health care for their patients. Her unique combination of empathy and energy result in excellent patient care. Marcie Jacobs obtained her Master of Science degree in Audiology from the University of Maryland in 1991.

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