How to Clean Your Ears at Home: A Guide by Jacobs Audiology

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Maintaining healthy levels of earwax is a huge part of good ear health, but quite often we don’t realize how much earwax is present until it becomes an issue. Too much earwax can lead to irritation in your ears, issues with your balance, headaches, and even hearing loss challenges.

At Jacobs Audiology, we understand the importance of effective and safe earwax removal—and that some methods are significantly safer than others!

The Dos and Don’ts of Earwax Removal

Avoid Cotton Swabs:

When you think of the most common way to clean your ears, it’s natural to think of a cotton swab first. However—and we’re sure we’re not the first to tell you this—cotton swabs aren’t safe to clean your ears with.

Pushing cotton swabs into your ears can push wax deeper into your ear canal, causing impaction, and potentially cause damage to the eardrum or the delicate structures inside your ears.

Thankfully, there are plenty of much safer ways to clean your ears.

Over-the-Counter Ear Drops:

A safe alternative to cotton swabs is over-the-counter earwax removal drops, available through most pharmacies. These are usually made of a mixture of mineral oil, hydrogen peroxide, or saline solutions that work to safely soften the earwax, and they’re a great, gentle first step to manage your earwax at home.

Tilt your head to allow the solution to reach the ear canal when using these drops; it also helps to gently pull the earlobe in various directions to facilitate deeper penetration past more stubborn earwax clumps. Always follow the instructions!

After you let the solution work for a few minutes, tilt your head to the opposite side, which will let the softened earwax and remaining solution drain out. Repeat for the opposite ear.

External Ear Cleaning:

With a warm, damp cloth, wipe your outer ear gently to remove any residual wax. Avoid inserting the cloth into your ear canal, as this can cause damage.

Professional Earwax Removal and Ear Cleaning in Maryland

If you’re experiencing discomfort or hearing loss challenges, or if you suspect an excess buildup of earwax, it’s time to seek professional help. Audiologists and healthcare providers have the tools and talent to remove earwax safely and effectively.

We offer professional earwax removal services for residents of Maryland struggling with the challenges that come with too much earwax.

With our Earigator technology, we gently flush your ears with warm water to help remove even the most stubborn of earwax impactions; the Earigator also features LED illumination, so your hearing care specialist sees what’s going on inside your ears to make sure your earwax removal is comfortable and quick.

If you’re curious about earwax removal and how we can clean your ears for you, please feel free to request a callback and a member of our team will get in touch to provide more information or advice about concerns.

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