How Much Is Too Much Earwax?

by | Oct 14, 2022 | Earwax, Patient Resources

We have all wanted to scratch the earwax out of our ear canal at one point or another, and many of us are guilty of using Q-Tips to try to get it out. One of the questions we often receive is: “Can a person have too much earwax?”

Yes, and when that happens, Jacobs Audiology is here to remove it for you.

When Should Ear Wax Be Removed?

There is no need to remove earwax most of the time because the ear canal cleans itself; the earwax inside moves naturally to the outside of the ear as new earwax forms.

However, some people’s ears seem to make more earwax than is necessary, especially older people, and as a person ages, the earwax can be less soft and moist, making it hard to work itself out of the ear.

Earwax can become impacted if it’s pushed down the ear canal with a Q-Tip (or other items!), and this can cause temporary hearing loss, ear infections, and a feeling of pressure in the ear.

To sum it up, ear wax should be removed when:

  • There is a buildup of earwax.
  • The earwax is not moving itself out of the ear canal.
  • The earwax has become impacted.
  • The earwax is causing hearing loss, infections, and pressure.
Need safe earwax removal in Maryland? Schedule an appointment with an audiologist.

Safe Earwax Removal

While an early buildup of loose earwax can often be removed at home using ear drops, impacted earwax can be difficult to remove, and in some cases, trying to remove it yourself can damage the lining of your ear canal.

Jacobs Audiology removes earwax safely, with our hearing clinic providing professional earwax removal for all ages. Earwax removal takes 5 – 10 minutes.

  1. We look in your ear canal with an otoscope to see how much earwax is there and how impacted it is.
  2. Earwax can be removed safely with irrigation. This gently moves behind the earwax and pushes it out.
    1. One of the ways we might irrigate your ears is with an Earigator which combines an otoscope and irrigator, meaning we can look inside your ear canal while we irrigate it. It maintains temperature control to your body temperature to avoid triggering vertigo, and it maintains a steady pressure.
    2. Alternatively, we can irrigate your ears manually with a syringe of a body temperature saline solution.
  3. Another way to remove earwax is by scooping it out with a curette. Sometimes we might also use an alligator tweezers to help coax out the earwax. This can be slightly ticklish, but it doesn’t hurt.

However, if your ear canal is an unusual shape or you have ever perforated your eardrum, have active dermatitis, have had prior ear surgery, or have an infection in your ear canal, we will need to remove your earwax another way.

Earwax Removal Benefits

Earwax removal by an audiologist can make life easier:

  • You’ll hear clearly again if that was what was causing your hearing loss.
  • The itchiness and irritation should disappear.
  • Any accompanying vertigo or tinnitus should leave.
  • The plugged-up feeling will be gone.

See an Audiologist Who Specializes in Earwax Removal in Southern Maryland

Get your earwax removed by an audiologist so you can ensure that all your earwax will be cleaned out professionally and safely.

Book your earwax removal appointment here, and if you have any questions at all about the procedure, please contact us so we can leave you feeling confident about your appointment.

Also, if you think your hearing might also be declining, book a hearing test to follow the earwax removal so that all your hearing healthcare needs are addressed in one visit.

We look forward to helping you hear clearly again.

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Marcie Jacobs, M.A., F-AAA

Marcie Jacobs has extensive experience in the field of Audiology. She became an audiologist over 25 years ago and has practiced in Southern Maryland and Prince Georges County. Jacobs Audiology was founded in 2011 with the philosophy of providing superior hearing health care for their patients. Her unique combination of empathy and energy result in excellent patient care. Marcie Jacobs obtained her Master of Science degree in Audiology from the University of Maryland in 1991.

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