COVID 19 - How we're keeping you safe

COVID-19: How We’re Keeping You Safe

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Patient Resources

At Jacobs Audiology, our number one priority is to ensure our patients’ health and well-being, which is why the Maryland community must continue to follow our easy 5 stage guide to protect yourself and the most vulnerable people in the local area.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, we at Jacobs Audiology have implemented a 5 stage procedure to reassure all visitors and ensure that our patients and local population continue to live full, healthy, happy lives.

Jacobs Audiology, Our 5 Stage – Step by Step Guide

Stage 1. Hand Wash On Arrival

We’re positive that by now, everyone is carrying an army platoon supply worth of sanitizer; however, each person upon arrival at our centers must approach our check-in desk and use the hand sanitizer provided. A quick squirt in the hands and a thorough rub in, and that’s it, your hands are sanitized.

Stage 2. Patient Health Check Before Arrival

All guests and patients are being asked to review our “safety criteria” before visiting Jacobs Audiology. We simply must insist that you don’t attend our offices if you are suffering from any of the following, a fever running at 100.4 or above, a cough, runny nose, or shortness of breath.

If, for instance, you find yourself suffering from any one of these ailments, we kindly insist you reschedule your appointment; contact us here. And someone will be available to take your call from 9 am – 4 pm, Monday to Friday.

Our strict guidelines also insist that you reschedule your appointment. If you have been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with Coronavirus, contact your center for advice on how best to reschedule your appointment following that situation.

Stage 3. Thorough Cleaning Between Appointments

To reassure all visitors and patients, we have increased the time between each appointment, providing us with additional time to sanitize all surfaces thoroughly.

This ensures that all patients are stepping into a sterile and safe environment. From the patient’s chair, headphones, right down to pens, all our equipment will be thoroughly sterilized before each appointment.

At Jacobs Audiology, your health and wellbeing will always be our number one priority.

Stage 4. Remote Audiological Support

We understand that our patients are looking at ways of minimizing any unnecessary risks to themselves or their families because of the current global crisis, and that’s why we’re happy to offer Remote Audiological Support.

Patients receive the same first-class Jacobs Audiology care and attention but from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Using easily accessible technology (smartphone, tablet, home computer, etc.), you can video connect with one of our expert staff and, thanks to our state of art Jacobs Audiology Telehealth service, can remotely assist by programming or updating your hearing devices via the internet. Removing the need for any unnecessary trips.

We can also tailor appointments around your busy schedule, meaning less time taken off work.

Stage 5. Your Hearing Hotline

If at any time you need help, face any challenges, or require professional assistance during these challenging times, please call us before visiting, as it’s likely that a walk-in appointment might be turned away, following our step by step guide.

However, our hearing hotlines are available from 9 am – 4 pm, Monday to Friday, and we are more than happy to take your call and help you in every way we can.

Visit our website for more information.

To our patients…

Caring for our patients’ health is our number one priority, and our step by step guide is to increase the safety of every patient and staff member in attendance at Jacobs Audiology.

At Jacobs Audiology, we are taking every precaution necessary and following current Government guidelines to ensure our patients, employees, and visitors’ continued health. For that reason, every member of staff will be wearing PPE at all times.

As a result, we must insist that all visitors and patients wear masks before entering our centers and respect social distancing guidelines when inside.

For further information, contact us here.

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Marcie Jacobs, M.A., F-AAA

Marcie Jacobs has extensive experience in the field of Audiology. She became an audiologist over 25 years ago and has practiced in Southern Maryland and Prince Georges County. Jacobs Audiology was founded in 2011 with the philosophy of providing superior hearing health care for their patients. Her unique combination of empathy and energy result in excellent patient care. Marcie Jacobs obtained her Master of Science degree in Audiology from the University of Maryland in 1991.

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