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Bordering the Potomac, 20 miles south of downtown Washington DC, Ft. Washington, MD was the only small earthwork available to protect the American capital from the British fleet in the War of 1812, which it failed to do. Though reinforcement of the fort helped repel Confederate forces, it was abandoned after hostilities ceased in 1865, though an extensive community with riverfront homes and two marinas had already grown up nearby.

Most of Ft. Washington’s suburban growth came in the 1960s, establishing a thriving community built by a number of highly successful African-Americans and includes golf courses, the Harmony Hall Regional Center, the John Addison Concert Hall, the 12,000-member Ebenezer A.M.E. Church, and a small 50-bed hospital.

Deterioration and damage to your hearing can make you feel as though you are an outdated relic of the past with no further value to your loved ones and your community. Treating your hearing loss makes it possible to regain your vitality so you can enjoy an active and independent lifestyle.

Over the past 25 years, more than 10,000 people in Ft. Washington and nearby communities have been able to achieve better hearing, not because of hearing technology, but because they chose the right team of experts to partner with. Partnering with Jacobs Audiology at our Waldorf hearing clinic provides you access to our expertise in knowing how to use today’s technology along with caring, compassionate audiological care and ongoing support to improve your quality of life.

Marcie Jacobs, M.S., F-MAA and Randi Pinno, Au.D, F-MAA of Jacobs Audiology


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When Was Your Last Hearing Test?

Most of us are pretty good about getting our teeth and eyes checked regularly, testing our cholesterol and blood pressure, and even scheduling our annual physical, but when was your last hearing test?

In spite of the fact that close to 30 million Americans over the age of 12 experience some form of hearing loss in both ears and hearing loss is the third most common health condition in the US, hearing tests continue to take a low position on most people’s list of preventive healthcare priorities.

Because hearing loss develops at such a slow rate, it usually goes unnoticed until the damage is extensive. Regular hearing tests at Jacobs Audiology’s Bowie or Lexington Park location are easy, non-invasive, and provide accurate and reliable information regarding the true status of your hearing before it becomes a significant problem.

Randi Pinno, Au.D, F-MAA of Jacobs Audiology MD helping a patient with hearing aid

How Hearing Technology Has Progressed

If someone mentions hearing aids, the image that pops into your head is probably those bulky, frustrating gadgets your parents or grandparents struggled with. In reality, micro-digital technology has transformed hearing aids in much the same way it has impacted cell phones.

Smaller, lighter, more discrete, and more powerful, today’s advanced technology hearing aids have advanced well beyond what they were just a decade ago. Features like rechargeable batteries, background noise-canceling technology, and the capacity to connect your hearing aids to other digital devices like your smartphone, tablet, stereo, or television significantly enhance your hearing experience.

However, technology alone, without the ongoing caring and compassionate hearing care support provided by the audiology experts at Jacobs Audiology, cannot produce the highly satisfying, life-changing better hearing we deliver to our patients.

Jessica Grablick, PCC at Jacobs Audiology MD responding to a phone call

Remote Audiological Support

Meeting for a face-to-face consultation about your hearing care needs is the situation we strive for at Jacobs Audiology, but there are times when health concerns, travel, and scheduling make an in-office appointment at our Bowie or Lexington Park clinic inconvenient.

Remote audiological support is our solution to overcoming the challenges of our rapidly changing world. Using your smartphone, laptop, or PC and teleconferencing technology, patients and newcomers alike are offered the opportunity to meet with one of our professional audiologists for a remote face-to-face audiological consultation.

Whether you’re out of town on business, taking a vacation, sheltering in place, or struggling to make an appointment fit your schedule, remote audiological support is our way of giving you access to the same top-level caring and compassionate hearing care you expect to receive during an in-office visit.


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